Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing


MD-PACE Provides Access to Capital for Commercial Property Owners


What is MD PACE Financing?

MD-PACE enables building owners to access flexible, 100% upfront financing to improve their buildings' value:

MD-PACE, or Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing allows the cost of improvements to be tied to the commercial building over an extended term for more advantageous financing.

The Pace Program is already enabled in four Maryland counties: Anne Arundel, Howard County, Montgomery County, and Queen Anne's County. 

MD-Pace Requires 0% Down and Allows Long Payback Periods                       
  • Building owners can be cash flow positive from day 1
  • Underwriting is focused on the underlying building
  • Accessible to those with Non-Investment Grade Credit

MD-PACE Allows Tremendous Flexibility

  • Buildings that may sell before full payoff.
  • Buildings where tenants pay energy bill but owner finances upgrades.
  • Projects that have longer payback periods.

Owners with Tax Appetite Love PACE

  • Full realization of tax credits- including solar ITC
  • Accelerated depreciation benefits (MACRS)

Immediate Net Operating Income Improvement

  • Increases Net Operating Income- all PACE projects are cash flow positive
  • Doesn't tie up balance sheet with debt
  • Also increases value of underlying asset

HOw can banks participate: 

To find out how Banks can participate in MD-PACE Financing click HERE

how contractors can participate: 

To find out how Contractors can participate in MD-PACE Financing click HERE 

Other resources

To read more about the MD-PACE Program check out there website HERE

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