MCEC loans

MCEC Offers Financing Solutions for Residential, Commercial, and Institutional Clean Energy Investments


Your Partner in Saving Energy and $

MCEC is a public instrumentally of the State of Maryland and was established to assist consumers with information about clean energy technologies, energy efficiency, and lowering your power bills.

MCEC can help consumers choose a suitable contractor for home energy efficiency improvements.


Public-Private Partnership

MCEC is a public instrumentally of the State of Maryland is willing to partner with Private business entities to assist in the deployment of large scale clean energy technologies.  

MCEC can own project assets in partnership with Private business entities to achieve favorable project economics.  

MCEC can connect Private business entities with market participants to facilitate the deployment of clean energy technologies.

Access to Capital

MCEC as an issuer of tax-exempt debt can often provide access to low cost capital for projects that have the ability to service debt repayment. 

MCEC assists Non-Profit businesses and other select For-Profit business access project financing on a tax-exempt basis.

MCEC can assist in connecting your project to the appropriate lending institutions.

MCEC serves projects with a minimum size of $1,500,000.

Sample project scopes include:

  • Energy Efficiency Measures
  • Energy Resiliency Measures
  • Mechanical Equipment Upgrades
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Renewable Energy Production (Solar, Wind, Bio)
  • Micro Grid
  • Co-Generation
  • Islanded Generation

To get more details on financing your project, go to the MCEC Loan Programs page, or contact Wyatt Shiflett, Director of Finance Programs at

MCEC does not directly loan, grant or invest funds in projects.  For resources on additional State and Federal financial incentive click here.