Advocacy for Consumers

Power in Numbers

Every Maryland resident has the power to make a difference in moving the state toward its clean energy goals – and you can partner with the Maryland Clean Energy Center to help create a stronger and more sustainable future for all of us, economically and environmentally.

Join with us in making Maryland the “green standard” for new energy innovations and independence, pace-setting carbon emissions reduction, and a thriving green jobs market.

Be Informed!

Learn about clean energy, clean technologies, and issues that affect clean energy industries. Learn about the current bills before the Maryland legislature, You can sign-up and track them yourself.

Speak Up!

Let colleagues, friends, and elected officials know that clean energy matters to you—speak out on issues and pending legislation that can help or hurt its growth.

Power to Choose

As a Maryland resident, you have a choice about who supplies your electricity and how the power is generated. Find out more on our Power to Choose page.

Improve Your Home or Business!

As a consumer, or a business owner, you have the power to live by example. Start with energy efficiency. It's by far the easiest and most cost effective way you can support clean energy. 

Conserve energy by super-insulating your home or business. Get an energy audit to help you decide which clean technologies are the best fit for you. The more consumers who adopt solar, geothermal, and other clean technologies, the more the cost of those technologies become competitive with energy generated from fossil fuels sources.