Training & Education for Businesses

Ensuring that a ready and well-trained workforce is in place is a key focus area for MCEC.

Education, Training, and Workforce Retraining - we partner to ensure a skilled workforce for clean technologies. A key strategy in this effort is to provide appropriate workforce development opportunities. MCEC will take on initiatives focused on preparing job seekers for employment in the clean energy sector. In particular, MCEC will sponsor training initiatives that seek to fill unique gaps unmet by existing programs and providers.

Professional Associations and Groups

Professional Training Programs & Trade Associations

Building Performance Institute: Offers certification training programs nationwide in the following trades:

  • Building Analyst
  • Envelope Professional
  • Advanced Home Energy Professional (HEP) certifications
  • Air Leakage Control Installer (RBE-WHALCI)
  • Infiltration & Duct Leakage (IDL)
  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning and Heat Pump
  • Multifamily
  • Manufactured Housing

Search for training programs by state to locate BPI certified programs in your area.

NABCEP: Offers continuing education programs in:

  • Solar PV
  • Solar heating
  • Thermal

Some NABCEP courses are also offered online.

Independent Electrical Contractors - Chesapeake: Offers continuing education and training for electrical contractors in:

  • Troubleshooting, Maintenance & Commissioning PV System
  • Advanced PV Systems Design & Installation
  • Maryland Code Officials - Photovoltaic Training
  • NABCEP Entry Level Preparation

Heatspring - PHOTON Academy: Offers training in a number of different clean energy technologies and fields.

Entry level solar PV installation, and NABCEP certification test prep

Higher Education Programs

Clean Energy Degree Programs - Colleges and universities around the state are introducing degrees for a variety of clean energy professions.

Courses and Degree Programs

Anne Arundel County Community College 

Baltimore City Community College 

Carroll County Community College 

Chesapeake College

Community College of Baltimore County

Frederick County Community College 

Frostburg State University 

Hagerstown Community College

Johns Hopkins University

Montgomery College 

Prince George's Community College

Infinite Solar - Infinte Solar provide online and seminar based solar training for building contractors and solar enthusiasts alike helping you take the NABCEP test.