Innovation in Maryland

Maryland - A Leader in Clean Energy R&D

Maryland is a hub for innovation, research and discovery, and entrepreneurial growth, thanks to the wealth of major national and international research facilities – both private and public. Maryland ranks 2nd nationally in federal R&D spending, making it a hotbed for innovation. Key clean energy research facilities can be found across the state in both federally funded, state-funded, and privately funded institutions. Maryland has the highest concentration of doctoral scientists and engineers in the country, leading research in a variety of field.

Research Institutions in Maryland

University System of Maryland Facilities

A system of 12 higher education facilities, USM creates a dynamic environment that is helping to power Maryland, the nation, and the world forward. USM is a recognized leader in many areas. These include academic and research excellence, innovation, economic and workforce development,and the effective and efficient use of resources.

University of Maryland Energy Research Center

The University of Maryland Energy Research Center provides a comprehensive balanced energy research program, based on the most efficient use of our natural resources while minimizing environmental impacts and our dependence on imported energy, with faculty expertise across a broad spectrum of energy technology and policy.

University of Maryland UM Ventures

UM Ventures is a joint initiative of the MPowering the State Program, bringing the University of Maryland, Baltimore and University of Maryland, College Park together to commercialize discoveries, and create economic impact by engaging partners in industry and social ventures. By encouraging  our students and faculty, providing expert advice and business services, more discoveries will reach the market.

Frostburg State University Renewable Energy Center

FSU Renewable Energy Center is committed to promote the use of renewable energy resources available in Western Maryland and the surrounding region by developing educational activities, research projects, industrial partnership, and community outreach programs.

FSU Sustainable Energy Research Facility (SERF)

SERF is a building on the Frostburg State University campus housing the FSU Renewable Energy Center. Once completed, this facility will be one of the first off-the-grid research facilities in the nation, serving as a demonstration and test site for technologies that allow buildings to be separate from the power grid. FSU is currently completing the infrastructure of the facility. Once complete, FSU students and faculty will be able to conduct a wide variety of renewable energy research projects and instructional classes.

University of Maryland Center for Integrative Environmental Research
Researchers and students at CIER, working at local, regional, national and global scales, are developing strategies and tools to guide policy and investment decisions, particularly to help mitigate climate impacts, adapt to climate change and support sustainability.

National Clean Energy and Efficiency R&D

Find news about advances in renewable energy through the DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE).

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