I. Katherine Magruder, Executive Director

As Executive Director of the Maryland Clean Energy Center, Ms. Magruder is working to advance the adoption of clean energy products, services and technologies in the state. In this capacity she engages in business and workforce development initiatives, advocates for supportive public policy and financing programs.

Ms. Magruder most recently held the position of Chief of Staff at the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, known for performing cutting edge research and transfer of technology discoveries to commercial application.

During her appointment to the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development as Director of Resource Based Industries, she built a program focused on sustaining agriculture, forestry, mining, fisheries and maritime industry sectors. Working with multiple agencies and in direct collaboration with the Maryland Energy Administration, she was a leader in efforts to develop a statewide approach to advancing alternative energy initiatives and business creation.

In the course of her work with various municipalities in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, particularly on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Kathy led regional agribusiness and ecotourism initiatives recognizing the significant balance of environment, economy, and cultural character in effective sustainable development. She has written and collaborated on editorial content for several related plan publications, and holds a professional Certificate in Destination Marketing & Management from George Washington University School of Business & Public Management. She is recognized as a Certified Economic Developer by the International Economic Development Council. Kathy earned her BFA in Fine Art from Maryland Institute College of Art in 1982.

II. Wyatt A. Shiflett II, Director of Finance Programs

As the Director of Finance Programs, Mr. Shiflett is working to deliver project finance solutions that assist clients in achieving cost-effective funding. Mr. Shiflett has assisted Maryland based universities, colleges, hospitals, hotels, retirement communities, manufacturers, charter schools, and other 501(c)(3)  organizations, issuing over $3 billion in tax-exempt project financing. Mr. Shiflett has served as the Assistant Director of the Maryland Health and Higher Educational Facilities Authority, the Deputy Director at Maryland Industrial Finance Authority and the Assistant Director of Bond Financing at the Maryland Economic Development Corporation. Prior to working in the public sector, Mr. Shiflett worked in an investment advisory capacity at Morgan Stanley and an investment banking capacity at JP Morgan. Wyatt's experience in the capital markets and his ability to work creatively to find innovative solutions are strengths that have served the State of Maryland.

Mr. Shiflett obtained an MBA in Finance from the University of Notre Dame and Bachelor of Science degree from Towson University in 1996, with a major in Business Administration and a concentration in Finance.