Financing for Consumers

Your Partner in Saving Energy and $

MCEC is a public instrumentally of the State of Maryland and was established to assist consumers with information about clean energy technologies, energy efficiency, and lowering your power bills.

MCEC can help consumers choose a suitable contractor for home energy efficiency improvements.

MCEC can also connect consumers with lenders in order to finance certain home efficiency improvement projects through the MHELP Program.

Access to $ for Home Energy Improvements

The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) partners with the Maryland Clean Energy Center (MCEC), along with support from the U.S. Department of Energy, to administer the Maryland Home Energy Loan Program (MHELP) an energy efficiency financing initiative for Maryland property owners.

Sample project scopes include:

  • Insulation for: whole house air sealing, attics, crawl spaces, rim joist, basements, walls, attic baffles, crawlspace, vapor barriers, attic tents, foundation walls.
  • Duct sealing
  • Equipment replacement: water heaters, boilers, furnaces, HVAC, heat pumps.
  • Repairs: repairs required to install energy measures or to correct health and safety issues.This would include repairing a hole needed to apply energy efficiency improvements.
  • Chimney energy improvements to include chimney caps.
  • Weather stripping: exterior windows and doors.
  • Energy Monitoring equipment: hardware and software that allows homeowners to monitor their energy usage while away from home.

Window and door replacement, Solar PV, geothermal and appliances are not covered under the MHELP program.

To get more details on financing your project through the MHELP program, go to the MCEC Loan Programs page, or contact Wyatt Shiflett, Director of Finance Programs at

MCEC does not directly loan, grant or invest funds in project.  For resources on additional State and Federal financial incentive click here.